Quavatel Limited

EHS & Quality

At Quavatel we believe that all injuries are preventable and that no task is so important that it can’t be done safely.

This is enforced by adherence to the following  policies and procedures;

  1. Covid 19 Policy and Procedure
  2. Environmental Policy and Procedure
  3. Health and Safety Policy and Procedure
  4. HIV/AIDS Policy and Procedure
  5. PPE Policy
  6. Fatigue Management Policy

Quality Assurnce Involves  the following  activities:

  • OSP plant way leave confirmation
  • Active components / nodes e.g., routers maintenance
  • Trench depth checks
  • Reinstatement checks
  • Manhole installation checks
  • Duct integrity and end-cap installation checks
  • Closure installation and splicing checks
  • Fiber continuity and Loss checks
  • Pole quality and ADSS cable tensioning checks
  • Confirmation of the approved pole accessories are used
  • ODF termination and installation verification
  • ISP installation quality check
  • Preparation of site implementation checklist documents
  • Health and Safety compliance and documentation
  • Time and Cost of project delivery

We have the following documents in place to ensure strict quality adherence:

  1. Construction Work Site Management file
  2. ISP/OSP/FTTX Quality Work Site Checklist
  3. FOC Fusion Splicing and Termination Standards
  4. Commissioning & Acceptance Documentation
  5. Equipment Management
  • Route and Site Survey
  • Duct route design
  • Cable Distribution Plan
  • RoW application and acquisition
  • As built design and documentation
  • Auto CAD drawing
  • Project Management

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