Quavatel Limited

Network Planning & Design

Our engineering team has proven their ability to provide support and guidance to our customers We offer the following:
  • Route and Site Survey
  • Duct route design
  • Cable Distribution Plan
  • RoW application and acquisition
  • As built design and documentation
  • Auto CAD drawing
  • Project Management

The survey entails:

  • Route survey to determine optimal route and engineering measurement
  • Determining best network entry points into sites
  • Identifying existing infrastructure ducts for fiber and other services such as water
  • Selecting the best & cost-effective solution for the backbone, distribution and access network

A detailed network design is provided including  generation of High-level design (HLD), Low level  Design (LLD) in AUTOCAD and KMZ or any format  requested by the client.

Additionally, we generate a Bill of Quantities and  materials required to implement the project.


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